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Company News

Animal silicone ice grid frozen,Hanchuan could make it stereoscopic like animals

Publish Date: 2014-10-22 Click: 1605
Animal silicone ice grid frozen,Hanchuan could make it stereoscopic like animals

Animal silicone ice grid began to sell in the market from 2013. Currently, animal silicone ice grid design on the market is still relatively simple graphics. When frozen, ice cube just shows a simple animal shape.  But as long as a contact with water, it melt immediately.  The time some of the animal silicone ice grid taken from the refrigerator, it melts, it is impossible to reflect the animal body.

                animal silicone ice grid  animal silicone ice grid

Animal silicone ice grid is complex in the design. Curenttly, the design of silicone ice tray animal shape in market is relatively simple. It just has some animal shapes and shadows, but it will not be a real animal ice, there is no stereo feeling. Hanchuan industry began the research and development of silicone animal ice tray in 2010. Newly designed animal silicone ice grid could make ice cube show animal shape more likely, and it doesn't instantly melt after having a contact with water. some of the ice tray can float in the water animal, and it is very stereoscopic. Then it had already exported to Europe and the United States, Japan and many other countries. The biggest techbical problem of silicone animal ice tray design is whether the frozen ice animals can stand in when put it into the water, and doesn't immediately melt, Hanchuan silicone can make it.